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Edward Boye' Working with you is number one. Photos and examples of colors (swatches) are vital in achieving an agreement on what is to be done. However, I've got a much better way. We can do our consultation in my "Hair Room". I have hundreds of examples of all cuts, Color, and Highlights that you can put on your head. We talk, we go through all the real hair that I have, and the ability to make it look like the final product, before I do anything to your own hair. Edward Boye' can construct anything right before your eyes on your head in just 3 minutes. This service is his own design and, no charge for this service.



Edward Boye' on Detail This is one of Edward Boye's favorite words. Since I can remember I've always been obsessed with neatness, keeping everything organized, working in a very organized manner, and above all always doing my very best in my hair work. Even when I was 19, I drove my boss crazy because I was always finding a better way to do things. He almost fired me for it, but he didn't because all my co-hairdressers knew I was right. I can and will explain in detail how the work is done or whatever question you have before we even start.



Edward Boye' Videos are worth a gazillion words. This is where the truth comes out! Watch my Hair video it says it all. So here is a clip of some of my work. It does show how precise I am. This Video is a combination of segments taken over 10 years.

  • Coloring
  • Brazilian blowout
  • Ombres
  •  Highlights
  • Extensions
  • Keratin Treatments

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