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Brazilian Keratin Treatments

by Edward Boye'

Jan 23, 2022


We use several products with All Natural Ingredients for Our Brazilians! Including the famous "Brazilian Blowout" for Max results.



Regular price for this amazing service is $300. So to promote business we now charge ONLY $150 for any Brazilian Keratin Treatment we do.

It transforms frizzy, fried, unruly, damaged, hair into shimmery straight strands while reconditioning hair back to restored health. The impressive long lasting results and convenient treatment process has become the hottest thing to do in the biz. It is safe for all hair types, will not damage or harm hair, and can be used on color treated hair. Highlights and color are not affected!

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Edward’s attitude on Highlights

by Edward Boye'

Jan 1, 2016

It never surprises me, how many new clients come to me with the same hair color problem. Some hairdressers go right for a base color before they do highlights. a lot of them try to cover up what they don’t know how to do with a light base that turns “orange”or that ugly rusty red color in a week. In turn the highlights are generally too sparce or too far from the scalp and the hair looks brassy. Here in my salon, Edward Boye’ Salon, I do all the work myself. What I do is, do all the hair in foils the light colors, the darker colors, and the medium colors, or whatever. This way we have all the desirable colors, and no “orange or “rusty red” Now there are those who require a base, and in these cases, I lift the base just to where we want it not over done to hide anything. However, most of the time it’s best all in foils to blend with your own color so there’s no root line for a long long time. I love watching my clients’ reactions when they see their new hair even wet they can’t believe this can be done in one shot. This is why I love hairdressing. This is my idea of fun, I love it..Edward…

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Overlapping Color, Highlights, Why does my hair get TOO blonde?

by Edward Boye'

Jan 1, 2016


So many people get Highlights and after going back 3 to 5 times they feel way too blonde and have to have lolites. What's the solution? Easy, it's in my system of doing Highlights day in and day out. When I Highlight the regrowth, and I put the foil in I never let that lift color go on the hair I previously Highlighted. The reason I am so good at this method is the fact that I trained myself from the beginning to be exact with my color brush. Also, I can see how I did the previous distance between each foil so by the time I do the third foil the brain just automatically follows threw. This is because I do foils all day long, so I am doing the same hair streak each time without pulling your darker into the foils. Oh sure there are always a few hairs that do, but not noticable to the eye even if you pull the hair straight up.. you do not see the lines in the hair from each job. So when a hairdresser says he or she can not get the same hairs or it's impossible that means these people are not into it like I am. Also in addition to this, just keeping the lift color where it should and should not be is not the total answer. The other important factor is very very important..Shampooing the color out..Yes this can make you too blonde. Ever wonder why I prefer doing my own shampoos today? The first- rinse to remove the color before adding the shampoo is most important. If all that color is not almost completely rinsed out before the shampoo is added then the lightener will mix with the shampoo and lets say you are in the bowl 8 minutes before final rinse Bingo! You are two shades lighter, hence too blonde. So #1 overlapping #2 doing the same strands at the roots only #3 Rinse well-then shampoo.. Did you ever have a better shampoo then I give? Now you know why. Edward

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How often do I have my roots redone?

by Edward Boye'

Jan 1, 2016



Edward Boye' does highlights in tin foil, I have complete control of the clients hair that I am doing. Of course, once the client and I have discussed the desired results (we also find a photo of the results in one of my books) I can get the perfect results with my foils. That is putting in all the light colors and, all of the darker colors and, blending them with the natural color. Because my technique is perfect, it appears to grow the correct colors, not giving you a root line at all. However, Of course, the color will start to grow back to the natural color. By using my technique it appears to take a lot longer to grow out. Hence the touchups are not as often. So the “roots only” can be redone when the client feels too rooty usually anywhere from 2 to 4 months. Now if your hair is very dark and we make you pale blonde, you may want an interium mini weave that costs a mere $45! We can keep you very light with no roots showing for little money. Of course I suggest you view my video on this site to see just how well I do my highlights. So in conclusion, you will redo your roots a lot less often with my technique. As you know I take a lot of pride in my work..Edward



Why do most Colorists miss all my short hairs on my hairlines when I go for Highlights?

Dec 1, 2015



One of my best features is getting all those little short baby hairs in the Hairlines in my Highlighting work. The hairlines should look perfectly natural when the hair is pulled back or up. I pride my work in doing exactly that. That is why, if you have those shorties, I use little size foils for these little short hairs, and besides when they are done they seem to just look like the rest of the head, longer. So no more funny hairlines. I do these precise things all the time, so I automatically do it right, natural looking ..not messed up. As you may have heard me say before, I trained myself to do it to the finest detail so it's easy for me to even do 1/4 inch hair. Edward Boye'



Why do a lot of stylists cut hair too short?

by Edward Boye'

Jun 1, 2015


Cutting Hair is fun. It can change the whole image of one's face. Some times stylists just get creative, sometimes too creative, and sometimes forgetting the length that was originally discussed. Hair, if cut just 1/4" makes a giant difference. It can make one feel too short. Solution: Hold the hair out and show the exact length, any layers the same. I remember and stick to the program. Conversations a lot of times distracts most hairdressers. I feel this is a part of your body and it has to be right. The same goes for texturizing the hair. I never texturize fine hair, unless it's a short cut with a lot of different  feathery ends, then at that just on the ends, not the middle of the shaft. Wonder why you see that big chop layer in the back of a lot of long hair today? When the hair is pulled horizontal out of the back of the head then layered the shape of the back of the head into the neck,that big curve,causes the top layer to pull up and hense that ugly chop then the thin hair on the bottom. The long hair should be pulled all the way up or angled to get a proper flow that can look like all different  lengths when the head is moved. I know I see it everywhere. Even in the windows of the larger salons, here in Beverly Hills, when I drive home. So in conclusion the style is to be understood with a photo from a magazine or one of my books.. the lengths are of the utmost importance. I do not do anything blindly and my client knows exactly what I'm doing.


I have Grey Hair. Do I have to put color on my scalp for the rest of my life?

by Edward Boye'

Jan 1, 2010


That is a really good subject that I am very strong on. First of all if you still have some darker hairs in between the grays, you can skip the solid color and go right for the foils. If we just add a lot of your natural back into your hair, or we go for some blonde with other tones and darks if desired, or a beautiful blend of browns or reds, you can toss the dye bottle. I have a lot of clients that I put all the hair in foils to get only the desired colors NOT GREY AT ALL. The wonderful thing about putting colors in foils is that the color lifts or deposits pigments easier with air in between the hairs, no matter if we do fine pieces or thicker pieces, it's all isolated in the foils and will lighten faster or the dark will hold 5 times longer, and it's even scalp to ends. So no more dye jobs where the roots look a little lighter then the rest, or just uneven color. I also have male clients where I go through with small foils and weave in more of his or hers natural. This technique must be woven very finely so it looks for real..not streaky..So in conclusion, you may not have to color or dye the whole head until the time the hair is all white, so as long as there is some darks mixed in, no matter how little, You can look totally natural with my foil techniques. I love seeing people light up when they have finally found the color they love and what looks best! Edward Boye'


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