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"HairLocs" and Edward Boye' AMAZING!!!! Edward Boye'

Edward Boye' here do you think that your "HAIRLOCS" look great? If they are done right they will look fantastic! Hair Locs is the most desireable method of doing hair extensions today. They are attached with tiny rings at the scalp. Some of your own hair is pulled through a tiny ring no bigger then 4mm then a pretipped extension is inserted the the ring is flattened. It is in to stay until the ring is made round again(with tool) and the hair slips right out. No Glue, NO DAMAGE AT ALL!" I will ask that you to try to pull them out. No glue, just the rings, the tools, and of course the hair. Call me for details. My prices are amazing. Better yet I'll demo one on your head for no charge. Try to get it out, then again I'll show you how. So amazing what a little creative thinking can do. I will also show you the final results with one of my try on wigs.



Who Gets What Method..very Important!

There's one method that's right for your hair. I know hair and not one method is best for all hair. There are factors to be considered. Texture, thickness of each hair, oilyness, or dryness, hairstyle, hair color, haircut and on and on. So I enjoy doing all the methods. Ring, tape, skin, braided sew on, lace, lace hairline, and Most of all "hairlocs" I have creative ways of doing things that give it that perfect "I Love It" look and feel.... Edward Boye' sew ons are great and are secure for those clip ins you hate falling off after a long day or night one mini braid and some thread they are in for at least 2 months charge $40 per.. my braids are tight and secure Check Me out No bottom braids falling out guaranteed.


My First Extensions 1990

This is Erica in 1990 in my Westwood Main Salon. Her hair was growing out from a short wedge. the top length was about to just below her ears. The rest was tapered and growing out. It was a mess. Here's what I did even back then on my first long bonded set. As you can see we got a lot of two different color 22" hair all over the ugly taper. But it does not look like it was cut off below the ear length? You ask. I tell. I took some of those babies and put then up and down the chopped hair (the extra light ones  confuses the eye ) yes the trick of the illusion is really in the crown and those light pieces in the front.  Today Of course you would have to use a magnifying glass on one of our heads to see any lines.



Standard thicker hair extensions

This gal's been with me for 5 years now. Sadly her hair is so thin that without extensions you can see her head. Notice how I can still highlight her hair correctly and no way can you tell it's not hers, some of it is. I placed the added hair is special rows. This is a technique of mine I invented for those who need added highlights which gives an even higher look of beautiful natural hair. Are you tied of your hairdresser complaining about the way he or she can not work with your highlights because of your extensions person's way of working. Forget that. We Do it all.

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